Tips for Preparing Your Water Heater for Winter

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Tips for Preparing Your Water Heater for Winter

The winter season brings with it the need for extra protection against the elements. There’s never a good time for an appliance to break down but when the weather is at its most inhospitable, it could mean extra cost or hassle. You don’t want to lose your water heater in the winter due to lack of maintenance because it could potentially lead to more expensive problems. There are measures that professionals can take to ensure that water heaters run smoothly through the winter months.

Preparing Water Heaters for Winter

The water that flows through the pipes in the winter flows cold and sometimes freezes. Insulating your pipes and water heater can protect against freezing. If they are insulated, but you haven’t checked that insulation lately, check it to make sure it still has its integrity. If not, replacing this type of insulation is pretty easy. Consider, too, the location of your water heater. If it’s in a particularly cold part of the house, you might add extra insulation.
Check your vents and exhausts on the water heater for anything that might cause a blockage. This could be any kind of debris, such as leaves or even dead animals. Water heaters won’t function properly if they are blocked.

Protecting your water heater is mostly about thinking ahead. If you can prevent issues before they occur by performing basic maintenance, you increase the odds that it’ll run efficiently through the winter and beyond. Contact us at Evolution Plumbing for all of your water heater or general plumbing issues. We offer free estimates!

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