Patio Design Elements Perfect for Summertime Entertaining

backyard with pool and misters

Patio Design Elements Perfect for Summertime Entertaining

As much as you may love entertaining family and friends on your patio, certain months of the year are just too hot to be outdoors in many parts of the country. However, a few well-placed misters and some added shade can help you enjoy your patio all summer.

Here are a few tips for adding these simple design elements to your patio.

Install Some Misters

Misters can keep you and your guests cool on the hottest summer days. Depending on your budget, you can add a simple mister that attaches to a garden hose or have a misting system installed.

Create Plenty of Shade

To keep your patio even cooler, combine misters with strategically placed shade. Even patios with a roof or sun canopy can get a lot of sun during certain times of the day. Add tall plants, patio umbrellas, outdoor blinds and other shade elements that will keep direct sun off you and your guests.

Add Some Entertainment

Once you can enjoy your patio year-round, why not add some outdoor entertainment? An outdoor pool table or ping pong table can provide hours of fun while adding a sleek design element to your outdoor space.

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