Misting Fans Add Value & Comfort to Your Backyard

backyard with pool and misters

As the weather warms up, many of us look forward to spending time in our backyards with family and friends. But, when temperatures rise to uncomfortably high levels, it can become difficult to enjoy the outdoors. Fortunately, there is a solution. Outdoor misting fans help you keep cool and comfortable during the hot summer months while also adding value to your home.

How Do Outdoor Misting Fans Work?

Misting fans work by pressurizing water into tiny droplets that are then distributed into the air by the fan. Once distributed into the warm air, the tiny droplets immediately evaporate and cool the surrounding air. Misting fans can cool the ambient air by as much as 30 degrees, making your backyard far more cool and comfortable.

How to Use a Misting Fan in Your Backyard

There are a range of different misting fan options from which to choose depending on your needs and preferences, including portable and fixed options. Depending on your backyard and preferences, you may want to install a misting fan on a ceiling, wall, or pole.

Misting Fans Offer a Multitude of Benefits

One of the best things about misting fans is that they’re a relatively inexpensive way to add tremendous value and comfort to your outdoor space. Not only do they cool the air, but they also help to humidify it, which can be beneficial for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues and will also help keep your plants healthier year-round.

Stay Safe During the Hot Summer Months with Outdoor Misting Fans

In addition to providing comfort and value, misting fans can also help keep you safe during extreme heat. Extreme heat in places like Arizona could lead to many problems, most concerningly, death. By keeping your body cool and hydrated, misting fans can help prevent heat-related illnesses, such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

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