Stay Cool and Increase Business with a Restaurant Misting System in Arizona

misters outside of a business

Arizona’s weather is beautiful and optimal for outdoor dining for many months of the year but when it nears the summer months and starts to heat up, people are less inclined to sit outside while eating. Diners want to be comfortable while eating and have an enjoyable experience but that can be hard to do during warm months in Arizona. There is a simple and convenient solution for restaurant owners that want to keep their customers cool and increase their business throughout all seasons – a restaurant misting system. 

Create a Comfortable Outdoor Dining Experience and Suppress Dust with a Misting System

There is a common misconception about misting systems – that they just “spray” people with water to keep them cool. Actually, misting systems spray microscopic drops of water into the air that immediately evaporate and actually cool the air, reducing the ambient temperature in the area. A high-quality professional misting system will mist the area and cool the air without leaving the area wet or slippery. Additionally, Arizona is known for having large dust storms (aka “haboobs”) during the summer months that propel dust particles into the air. A restaurant misting system helps suppress airborne dust, forcing dust back down to the ground and making the air easier and safer to breathe. 

Maximize Your Business Year-Round with a Professional Restaurant Misting System

There are various ways restaurants can integrate an outdoor misting system. The type of system and how it is integrated will depend on things like cooling and operational needs,r preferences, and budget. Restaurant misting system options include everything from portable misting systems to fully installed misting systems. If you want to attract new customers and increase business during the hot summer months in Arizona, a restaurant misting system is a must. Contact an experienced and knowledgeable plumber to learn more about how a professionally-installed restaurant misting system can transform your business!

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