Easy Tips To Avoid Clogging Your Drains

water going down a drain

Easy Tips To Avoid Clogging Your Drains

A clogged drain is no fun, but a little care goes a long way toward preventing one. Along with proper drain cleaning, the most important tactic is to be mindful of what you put in the sink.

Avoiding a Clogged Drain in the Kitchen

Never pour grease or oil down a drain. Don’t rinse dishes in the sink; instead, use the napkins from the meal you just finished to wipe food scraps into the trash. Use a strainer that fits snuggly in your drain to catch stray crumbs. If you have a garbage disposal, run the water the whole time you use it and for at least 30 seconds after you turn it off.

Avoiding a Clogged Drain in the Bathroom

Strainers are great for catching hair; just be sure to clean them regularly along with sink stoppers. Pay attention to what’s in your toiletries as even natural ingredients such as coconut oil or oatmeal can cause clogs. Don’t flush tissues, menstrual products, dental floss, or even so-called “flushable” wipes down the toilet. A small trash can with a tight-fitting lid is a much better idea.

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