An RO System Can Improve Your Home’s Drinking Water

reverse osmosis system

Reverse Osmosis can help you enjoy better, cleaner water in your home. This technology is a great way to have ready access to water that is safe for you and your family. Here are some of the most important things that you should know about RO systems.

How Do RO Systems Work?

An RO system filters out bacteria, metals, and other contaminants in drinking water. This type of system uses pressure to push water through a high-density membrane that water must pass through before it comes out of the tap. This works like a super-powered filter that removes extremely small and even microscopic materials from drinking water. When water has passed through an RO system, you can be confident that it is completely clean.

How Does RO Change the Taste and Quality of Water?

A lot of factors can affect the quality and taste of water. In its original state, the water that you drink may carry any number of pollutants and bacterias. It can also pick up additional contaminants as it makes its way from a reservoir through municipal waterways and your home’s plumbing system. Installing an RO system in your home will eliminate the vast majority of components that can compromise water’s quality, taste, and safety.

How Are RO Systems Different From Traditional Filters?

Many water purification systems use chemicals to eradicate bacteria in water. Regular water filters like you might put in a pitcher or attach to a faucet use materials that attract and absorb free-floating particles. Water will not totally clean after passing through a cartridge filled with loose pieces of carbon.

RO systems are a more efficient way to purify water. It does not introduce any other chemicals or minerals into your drinking water. The membrane captures extremely small contaminants that other filters leave behind.

Contact Evolution Plumbing to learn more about the benefits of installing an RO system. Our team has extensive experience helping homeowners in your area enhance their home’s plumbing system to gain continuous access to safe, pure water.

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